TheFashionSpot's Lifestyle Editor, Sharon Feiereisen, is a freelance writer based in New York City. She worked for several online and print magazines as Newsday, The Knot, AM New York, WHERE New York, Dan's Papers, Teen Vogue and Hamptons Magazine. Exclusively, she shares with us her little secrets and confidences.

Sharon feiereisen from the fashion spot shares her little secrets with carnet de mode

Carnet de mode: What are the top career goals for a fashion expert?
Sharon Feiereisen: "For me personally I see myself growing the consulting side of my business. I work with a handful of small brands helping them with social media strategy, copy editing, and press outreach and they’re exciting projects to be involved in. Otherwise I look forward to continually seeking out the best experts, trends, and products and sharing everything I’m learning!"

CDM: Who were your mentors growing up?
S.F: "My parents. They always stressed the value of education and reading. My father is always reading! They’re also self-employed and encouraged my brother and I to be self-starters. More importantly though they’re amazing, kind-hearted, authentic, caring people and I think they have instilled great values in my brother and I."

CDM: What are you currently reading?
S.F: "I’m always reading about 10 books at a time. Right now on top of the pile are:
My promised land by Ari Shavit, Make your own rules diet by Tara Stiles and The art of eating well by Hemsley & Hemsley. I’ve also been flipping through this beautiful coffee table book, Nature Morte, which my friend Hugh Hayden, a very talented artist was featured in.

CDM: How do you challenge your followers intellectually, artistically?
S.F: "There are so many blogs out there hopefully I offer an interesting perspective and feature designers, products, and experts that people aren’t familiar with."

CDM: What is the longest distance you have traveled for someone you loved?
S.F: "I almost moved to San Francisco to live with my ex-boyfriend…does that count?"

CDM: What are the riskiest fashion items you have ever owned or borrowed?
S.F: "So many… some favorites are a lamb’s wool lined olive carry-all from Phillip Lim and the matching clutch, an olive green Paddington coat from Roland Mouret (it’s so oversized it looks like an XL even though I own it in a very small size); I also just bought a pair of Tom Ford Josephine sunglasses, which aren’t really risky, but I may or may not look like a fool wearing them in the cold on my way to the gym in the morning…love them though…and they keep my makeup-free face covered! Also love my Italia Independent stud glasses…they’re velvet!"

CDM: What's your favorite mixed drink or tea flavor?
S.F: "I’m tea obsessed!!! I love Kusmi, especially their BB Detox. Also Ten Chi Cha is great and matcha from Panatea and Harney & Sons. Presstea is also an awesome tea shop… they brew their tea, all of which are custom blends, using a reverse engineered espresso machine that the owner conceived himself. It’s kind of a miracle that my teeth don’t look like candy corn because I drink about 10,000,000 cups of tea a day."

CDM: Define your personal style in one phrase.
S.F: "My favorite “colors” are black and neon…which pretty much sums it up."

CDM: Compare New York tastes with Parisian tastes in fashion.
S.H: "I spent 13 years at the Lycee Francais de New York so if there’s one thing I know it’s that the French love their scarves! No matter the time of year they always wear scarves! French style also tends to be more effortless… Unlike in NYC, stylish Parisians don’t look like they spent 10 hours getting ready. They also wear less makeup."

CDM: What excites you about Parisian haute couture?
S.H: "Seeing what Giambattista Valli comes up with and dreaming of owning EVERYTHING."

CDM: "What are your top designer picks from our catalog?"
"S.H: I love these items"
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