Spring is here! Carnet de Mode helps you to refresh your wardrobe with this special spring article. Discover which colours make the season with our best designers's pieces. We draw your attention on the fact that reading this article can lead to "love at first sight" purchases and compulsive shopping. Well, just so you know...

By Jeanne Calmet

1. Limpet Shell


AMADORIA bracelet / PERKY notebook / CALIPIGE Bikini / LES RÊVERIES D'EVE ring / DEBOSC Table Mat / PERKY cushion

2. Iced Coffee


WOLFNOIR Sunglasses / TOVELISA Poster / EMELINE COATES bag / MR & MRS CORK belt / ORI & OCCI espadrilles / TIME FOR WOOD ipad case / GRUNENBERGER purse / LATELITA bracelet

2. Peach Echo

LPC dress / AMADORIA bracelet / BOCOCO cushion / CALIPIGE bikini / APOI necklace / GRUNENBERGER bag

2. Buttercup


DHARMA sunglasses / KARINE LECCHI swimwear / ATELIER MAÏ MARTIN necklace & earrings / PERKY plate / BOCOCO cushion / BANGLE UP bracelet

2. Rose Quartz


BLTRX clutch / AMADORIA bracelet / CLARA JASMINE cuff / AZUCAR ring / ETE36 pouch / LIVLOV top / APOI hair pin / LATELITA earrings

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