Carnet de Mode meets Lisa W Breitholtz, an artist and designer who creates gorgeous illustrations. A beautiful melt of fashion and art with a pinch of magic.

By Jeanne Calmet


Tell us a bit about your brand.

Classic feminine beauty icons inspire me. It can be that of long dresses, dolls or horses. A bit like when you were a little girl and didn't reflect whether it was good or bad just beautiful and magic.

How do you feel about today's fashion world? What makes your brand different?

I guess my contribution is the combination of the motives, painting and using textile applications. I like playing with scale, mixing 2D with 3D, design with textile art.

"The fashion world is frightening and exciting at the same time. Super beautiful and super bizarre."

What was your dream job when you were little?

When I was a child I wanted to be florist, actor and artist.


What is your background? What would you advise to people who want to become a designer?

I took my bachelor and master at HDK, Gothenburg School of Arts and Crafts. I am brought up in an artist family where my parents and siblings are either artists or different types of designers. I remember my father saying "if you want to make money you should become an artist"...!? My advice... Well I think it is important to give it a hundred percent avoiding working part time even though it sometimes feels totally impossible. I have been working nearly ten years now learning how to make a living on my art.

How does a regular day at work look like?

I leave my kids in kindergarten and go to my atelier where I paint or prepare paintings or prints for delivery. Unlike what many people think about creative jobs it is quite structured.


What is your favourite part about being a fashion designer? What is the most difficult part?

Working as an artist is great of course. Sometimes I lack having coffee breaks with work colleagues that other people have in their offices.

What were your inspirations for the designs you created for this collection?

For this print collection the inspiration was actually Chanel. Chanel has as long as I can remember, inspired me. I have even made a dollhouse of their head office in Paris.


Tell us a little about your personal style.

What a hard question... Marie Antoinette just popped up in my mind (laugh)!

What is your fashion obsession?

I have been working with many types of materials from clay to feathers but at the moment I would say tulle.


What is your city of origin? Could you give us 3 hotspots we should visit in this city?

Gothenburg, Sweden. Also tough question... I would say the old untouched Natural History Museum, Röda Sten and the forests and Tjolöholms Castle where Lars von Trier filmed Melancholia with Kirsten Dunst.

What is your favourite place to escape?

My home, my atelier...And Lake Como in the Italian Alps.


Discover all Lisa W Breitholtz creations on Carnet de Mode.


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