Robin Gasselin and Vincent Bois are the founders of a France based brand called "Robin Tauer" that offers beauty care products for beards and men accessories. Let yourself be seduced by a young, dynamic and stylish universe.

By Jeanne Calmet


Tell us a bit about your brand.

Robin Tauer is a family story. Willing to create a masculine universe, we chose to focus on men beauty cares.

How do you feel about today's fashion world? What makes your brand different?

We're more than just a beauty product. We bring knowledge in order to answer today men's needs. Nowadays fashion is a very short-lasting thing. Our goal is to make it sustainable over the time.

Where does your love for creation come from?

We're eager to help men to take care of themselves, make them look groomed and handsome.


What was your dream job when you were little?

We've always wanted to create.

What would you advise to people who want to become a designer?

Work hard, don't give up, listen to your instinct and believe in yourself.


What is your favourite part about being a fashion designer? What is the most difficult part?

Relationship with clients and partners is what we enjoy the most. It's such a great feeling to see our business becoming bigger and bigger, it's very satisfying. The hardest part must be the multi task ability of the position, and also the fact that you may be isolated to work sometimes.

Tell us a little about your personal style.

Robin Tauer focuses on different styles but well defined. We want to show the gentleman side of each man, with a dandy rock touch.


What is your fashion obsession?

All industrial materials like metal, leather or copper…

What is your city of origin? Could you give us 3 hotspots we should visit in this city?

We're a Bordeaux based brand. You should visit La Place de La Comédie; La Suite 52, les quais.

What is your favourite place to escape?

At the Night Beach of the Grand Hôtel of Bordeaux.