Tilly Doro

Tilly Doro designer, Nogah Rotstein has been collecting charms, seashells, and ribbons for as long as she can remember. “My grandmother Tilly always taught me that nothing should be wasted or taken for granted. The gifts she appreciated the most were the ones I made by hand, and this is something that has always stayed with me.” Years later, these values have inspired Nogah to create the Tilly Doro jewelry line in 2008. Encouraging quality, local employment, sustainable living practices, and the elimination of unnecessary waste, all pieces are handmade in NYC and primarily incorporate overstock materials from large jewelry manufacturers and second-hand sources. After graduating from Queen's University in Ontario with a bachelor’s degree in Art History, she took time off to travel, and later worked in trend and costume jewelry in NYC and Montreal. Her studio in Brooklyn NY is awash in multi-colored gemstones, playful charms, and vintage pieces collected on her various travels and treasure hunts. ... Read more