Paolo Corona Paris

Paolo Corona is a young Italian designer who moved to Paris at the age of 18 to establish himself in the world of design. From his childhood, Paolo was immersed in an environment of women, learning firsthand from his mother, aunts and grandmother about their tastes and desires. His love and admiration for women drove him to find a way to please them. Paolo Corona’s women are well-dressed, elegant and cherished by someone who evidently loves and admires them and dresses them for the evening. Sardinia is a broad ground of inspiration for Paolo. By travelling across Sardinia, Paolo has learnt handcraft techniques which he incorporates in his c reations with brilliant enthusiasm. His creations are inspired both by the Sardinian spirit and the exceptional know-how unique to French Couture. Paolo Corona only uses French materials in his creation (silk, coral, crystals, turquoise, precious stones). All his dresses are hand made in Paris. The collection is inspired by nature and the four elements: earth, water, air and fire. By using natural and precious materials, the Spring-Summer 2012 collection is a prestigious evocation and praise to the Sardinian nature, wedded to the French know-how. The Spring-Summer collection is organized regarding/around the four main dresses produced in Paolo Corona’s studio and twelve semi couture silhouettes produced in famous over-refined French ateliers. The couture dresses are completely customizable, colours can also be chosen. Paolo Corona’s creations sublimate women’s bodies, this collection celebrates the designer’s closeness to natural elements, as seen in the utilization of rough coral, embroidered silk, crystals, volcanic trachyte, turquoise and several semiprecious stones. Details sculpted and embroidered by hand in the designer’s studio are an evocation of the strength of the Sardinian nature. The designer breathes a seasonal softness into his collection and gives life to the idea of the romantic woman. Every dress and accessory is organized relating to a detail that carries the original idea. The palette of granular and pastel tones is enhanced with stronger colours, a tribute to Sardinia. Details embroidered, sculpted and crafted by hand exclusively in France ennoble the soft colours like an evocation of the fragility of nature awakening. Last March, Paolo Corona invited you to discover his 2012/13 Autumn-Winter collection. For this collection, Paolo takes us into an atmosphere full of autumn air reproducing in his creations, the inimitable curves of eroded rocks which he marries with finesse to warm colours of red and to browns evoking the light of autumn evenings. These new creations seem to have been sculpted in the silk. The organza pleats, ribbon cuts, chinese ribbons, chiffon decorated with leather are a real invitation for reverie. The sihouettes evolve, mix and play a dialogue, as a means of correspondence with form and detail. The lines of the intemporal contours allow the tranformation of dress of the day into an elegant dress for the evening. For this collection, Paolo Corona introduces double prints inspiring the floral blooming of lichens which are born before winter absorbs them. Each creation allows an elegant Parisian to reveal these multiple facettes. Paolo tames the untamable by speaking to a woman who is just as elegant romantic as strong. The low necks which appear as much in front as in the back create a game of seduction by subtly revealing small sections of skin playing with modesty. ... Read more