Les Rêveries dEve

Genevan of Italian descent, Silvia Barbagallo launches her brand of costume jewelry Les Rêveries d’Ève in 2000. Carnet de Mode loves Les Rêveries d'Ève: "Silvia Barbagallo really impressed us by the fineness of her work and the delicacy of the themes she works on. Her romantic jewelry make the perfect gift for your girl friends or fiancée." - Arbia Les Rêveries d'Eve offers a collection inspired by the world of nature, interpreted through the use of precious materials such as silver and vermeil rose gold. Delicate and poetic, her jewellery has a distinctive character linked to the world of dreams. The microcosm of an asian pong or the quivering world of a wild garden of our childhood: every new collection has its own theme where the nature is ubiquitous. The jewellery of Les Rêveries d’Eve is like the innocent look of a child upon a dragonfly wing or the softness of an imaginary bird’s feather. The smooth and round forms of Les Rêveries d’Eve reveal the Mediterranean origins of the designer that let us get in her fantastic world. ... Read more